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Not only sparkling water and sodas!
With Happy Frizz you can do everything!

Have fun creating lots of great cocktails, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks for your happy hours and dinners and takes full advantage of our Happy Frizz Syrups.

Add them to your sparkling water or use them directly in your cocktail. How? Below we offer you many ideas, divided by concentrate, to enter immediately into the world of Happy Frizz.

Enjoy our recipes or create new ones to publish on FACEBOOK!

The best ones will be published on our website.

Drink moderately, live Happy Frizz!


The preservation of the environment in which we live is the priority in all the daily activities of our company. Every action aims to reduce the wastage of the resources through the optimization of the recycling process

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Biotech Trentino was born and grew thanks to the innovative boost that allows us to constantly improve technology and product design.
Lend an ear to customers, curiosity and passion are the adjectives that distinguish
us on the market. The constant desire to improve our products has assured us
the trust of our consumers.
This is the engine that drives us us to do even better.

Each product is tested and certified: all the materials, from raw materials to colourations are conform to regulations. From production to selling, strict
internal and external quality controls are done. In this way they takes care to
verify that our products meet the standard of quality we promoted.

Biotech Trentino choose use only high quliaty Cylinders and Gas.
The Happy Frizz line can boast a number of certifications related
to the production, the extraction and the filling system.

Happy Frizz Syrups are all subject to stricts control procedures. Each package can be traced through the production batch. Not only the syrups produced, but also their raw materials are easily identified by batches. This ensures a total control over the
production of all Happy Frizz Syrups.

Our technical department does quality checks bringing the products above the line, discovering new applications to enhance the existing range and find ideas for new products.




Happy Clients


Millions of bottles save



HAPPY FRIZZ in few words


Not only a brand, but a way of life! Soda makers, concentrated preparation for beverage, cylinder and CO₂, refills, universal bottles and other accessories complete the range of our products.


Being the leader in innovation of the home beverage industry to ensure a 5 star water and a customized carbonation that satisfy every taste.


"We work to create unique life experience, that who is living without Happy Frizz cannot understand. We are green, positive and free from common thought about how life should be set. We live Happy Frizz"


We love what we do, our customers are the engine that drives us to aspire to do what seems impossible and create a better world, simple, convenient and environmentally friendly.

And You? Want be a part of it?